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Hyper Local Impact

Building an Inclusive Economy by Asking More From Our Money. 

Hyper Local Impact is a legal and consulting firm dedicated to helping Fort Wayne strategically invest in itself. 

Its 2020. The odds that someone is asking about the impact of your dollars is high. Maybe it's your customers ("where do you source your produce?"), maybe it's your employees ("can we take paid time off to volunteer?"), or maybe it's your heirs ("I don't care about donor advised funds, I want to make an impact NOW!"). Wherever these questions are popping up in your life or work, Hyper Local is here to make sure you have a good answer. 

With a diversity of experience and a passion for impact investing, Hyper Local's strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients. "HyLo" will empower you to deploy industry leading approaches with measurable impact. Please contact us today to learn how Hyper Local can help your future success.



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