For Profits

Do Well Here, Now.

You're a business leader who cares about more than just your bottom line. You're a mission driven leader, ready to invest more intentionally at the hyper local level. You put your employees and your community first, and you want your money to align with your beliefs. Let's chat.


For Profit Impact Services

Maximize the ROI on your Community Investment

Introductory Consultation

Looking to develop your community investing but not sure where to start? Trying to evolve beyond hosting tables at nonprofit fundraising dinners? Considering a move to downtown and wondering about the cultural and community return on that investment? Lets chat.


Impact Report Card

Allow Hyper Local Impact to lead you through a deepdive into your organization's current impact at the hyper local level. This report card can be used for annual reports, marketing, talent attraction and (most importantly) as the starting point for doing more going forward.


Impact Fundraising

Are you looking to raise investment dollars for your social venture? We can work with your organization to highlight best practices in raising funds from impact investors, traditional philanthropic funders, and through crowd-sourcing. We'll walk you through everything from your business plan, to creating a pitch deck, to making the ask.